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Manchester Show

Well hello,

I’m back from Camden Fringe. We had a wonderful time.

We carted the drawers around London, my producer was on Imodium and we got a 4 star review. Phew!

I’m going to be doing the show in the Northern Quarter at Gullivers on the 9th and 11th November at 7.45pm.

I’d love to see you all there, I’m very proud of this show.

Lady Ilaria’s Drawers  

In her northern village, little Ilaria lived bang in the middle. Turn right and she could ride on a lawnmower and have high tea. Turn left and she could bounce on a mattress and chew bubblegum. It was the best of both worlds, and the worst, because where did she belong? Even now that she’s a grown-up, she’s still uncertain.

This is a show about identity, dead guinea pigs, a Scottish mum prone to naked cooking, an errant Italian father, a chicken fetishist, a near-death experience, and a woman pooing in Ilaria’s cup-for-life on a bus. Ilaria has just got back from the London run of Lady Ilaria’s Drawers as part of Camden Fringe where she got a four star review.

Ilaria Passeri is a storyteller, writer and actress who has written for Huff Post, performed at literature festivals, featured on BBC Radio Manchester and has recently been storytelling in the woods

Micheál Jacob, producer, is a former creative head of mainstream comedy at BBC Television. 

Here’s the links for tickets-