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I’m being published

Good afternoon rabble, I have some news to share with you all.

I’m going to have my own book. It’s a collection of my short stories and comedic essays.

It’ll feature the usual classics such as Dead Pets, The Naked Family, The Megabus, stories of me being an elf and general weird village upbringing. Albert the monkey makes an appearance, a clown is punched and my Mum does something unspeakable to a cat.

There will also be longer pieces that are juicier, ones I don’t perform.

You’ll get to read about me straddling 2 lives and how I navigate between the arty crowd of actors and poets and the cocks and curtains gang.

Stories ranging from little Ilaria all the way to grown up Ilaria.

The book will be called Tales of a Confused Life and it’ll be out in September. It’s being published by the wonderful Bent Key Publishing

You can read my interview with them here

Me, an author. How exciting eh?!


Tiara wearing wordsmith Lady Ilaria is a storyteller and writer. Like chocolate with chilli - sweet with a touch of 'what the fuck?!' Drawing on her bizarre childhood, her varied experiences and her magnetic attraction for very strange people with tales to tell. She definitely has 'one of those faces.' Her stories are funny and warm with a touch of nostalgia and a pinch of pepper.

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