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My storytelling night in Manchester

Hello you gorgeous lot.

I have set up my own storytelling night in Manchester. It’s called Just Stories.

Stand ups, poets, actors, musicians and anyone else are all welcome to come along and perform but they have to tell a story.

A stand up can’t do their stand up routine. A poet can’t do a poem. An actor can’t do a monologue and a musician can’t do a song. JUST STORIES!

The stories can be true, made up, funny, strange, off the cuff and informal or read and well structured. Anything goes as long as it’s an original story.

Maximum set time is 10 mins but if that feels too long then feel free to do a shorter spot.

Perhaps you’re a writer that doesn’t fancy performing but would love to have someone else perform your story. Feel free to send over your story and I’ll find a storyteller to read it on the night.

I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people at comedy nights, cabaret events, poetry nights and and in fringe theatre but what I do never really fits in. I’m always the storyteller that gatecrashes a lot of events looking for a home for my work. That’s why I thought of Just Stories.

The first event is at Gullivers in the Northern Quarter on the 12th April at 7pm. It’s FREE.

The line up is full now but come along and watch. Email me to be on the May Line up –

Get writing!

love xxx


Tiara wearing wordsmith Lady Ilaria is a storyteller and writer. Like chocolate with chilli - sweet with a touch of 'what the fuck?!' Drawing on her bizarre childhood, her varied experiences and her magnetic attraction for very strange people with tales to tell. She definitely has 'one of those faces.' Her stories are funny and warm with a touch of nostalgia and a pinch of pepper.

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